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Thomas P. Brown III

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Hi! My name is Thomas Brown and I’m a real estate agent serving and helping people in the great state of California, but with a southern flair. I am originally from North Carolina where my southern hospitality roots were developed and which have followed me to California where I practice my work ethic in the southern way. I have always had a passion for helping others and for challenging myself to push my business potential to the maximum, taking advantage of the endless possibilities before each of us. Although our products helped millions of people across the world, I did not get the satisfaction that comes from meeting people face-to-face. This desire ultimately led me to the real estate industry.

I bring a unique and personal twist to the real estate business, which is apparent and well demonstrated in my personal and business relationships. My drive and motivation in life is evident in everything I participate in. Once we have been introduced and conversations initiated, you will then see that my family and friends are the backbone and most important aspect of who I am and what I stand for. I can guarantee that when you walk away from our first conversation, you will leave having heard several ma’am’s and sir’s with a y’all or two thrown in, all reflecting my southern hospitality and respect.

With that being said, I look forward to meeting you to demonstrate my abilities and attention to details and to help serve and represent you to the best of my ability. I look forward to applying the same dedication and passion that I give my family and friends to you, my other clients, and my other business associates. This is how I choose to work and represent myself.

I love challenges! I love solving problems! I love helping people! I would love to help and work with you!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Thomas P. Brown III


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